Feed the Forgotten is the humanitarian wing of “Link Ministries”. It was birthed in a very unusual way while I was on a mission to India. We were going to minister to pastors, churches and do a crusade. I was informed that while there, we would stop and visit some leper villages. I did not know what to expect but when we came away that day, I felt God hit me with and overwhelming compassion for these people.

I woke up the next morning with the phrase “Feed the Forgotten”. They live with limbs and bodies that make them unable to work and therefore most of them are on the brink of starving and are forgotten by society. When you hug them you feel their frail bodies yet when you look into their eyes, somehow the eyes of Jesus bleeds through. God dealt with me so deep that I knew I must do something to help.

Lepers are not the only forgotten in the world but they certainly fit into the forgotten category. There are people all over the world and He is calling his church to stand up and be the arms, hands and feet to hurting people. I have never written a poem in my entire life and further, I don't really enjoy poetry that much, but the next night while there in India, God gave me a poem about the forgotten and thus birthed this ministry “Feed the Forgotten”.

I will always have a love for the lepers since God used them to birth this ministry. We are now endeavoring to minister to any forgotten peoples of the world.