Partnering for the sake of the Kingdom is powerful as it enables all of us to be more effective. Partners are those who will commit to a monthly gift of any amount to help us help the “Forgotten”. I challenge you to consider partnering with us as we continue expanding Feed the Forgotten (feeding lepers, orphans, widows and any "Forgotten People"), as we reach beyond our walls to bring people together and as we bring healing to the brokenhearted.

The monthly giving makes it so much easier for us to budget and also to know how to expand. Since we rely totally on gifts, this ministry is completely dependent on people who have a vision to help. I thank those who have contributed monthly with a consistent amount because the consistent monthly donations are what makes the difference and enables us to send money on a monthly basis to the Forgotten. Large donations are accepted and welcomed as well!

Thank you for your support and prayers. As our support grows, we will be faithful and obedient to place the influence where God wants it. Together we can make a difference! God honors our obedience as we go to those who are hopeless needy & forgotten.

(All gifts are tax-deductable – Feed the Forgotten is a DBA of Link Ministries - a 501c3 non-profit corp.)